PriceMatchr lets you save money on things you've already purchased. Whether it's a hot tub, a pair of boxers, or a 20 gallon jug of tomato soup, if the price of the item drops, you can find out here.

How it Works

Step 1:

Buy almost anything* at Costco

Step 2:

Enter your receipt details here

Step 3:

If the price drops, we'll tell you

Step 4:

Take your receipt into Costco and claim your money!

Pricematchr is a 100% free service that helps you save money by tracking the prices of products you buy. Our first product is a Costco USA & Canada price matching database. If something you bought* at Costco in the past goes on sale in the present, you can bring in your Costco receipt (typically within 2 years of the receipt date) to the specified Costco and get a refund of the price difference. Pricematchr lets you enter your invoice information so our systems can alert you when these sales occur on your items. (Please note that we are NOT affiliated with Costco in any way). It's really that easy!

(*) Most items can be price matched within 2 years of purchase without manager approval. Exceptions include electronics, TVs, computers (which have a 90 day limit), and foods priced by weight, such hamburger meat or fresh Atlantic Salmon (which cannot be easily price matched).